Theologos Folklore Museum – history and tradition

There is simply no better place to experience theologian culture, traditions and history than at the Theologos Folklore Museum. Located in Thassos Island. It has a wide assortment of traditional regalia, ancient cutlery, historic artifacts, marvelous sculptures and many more.

Theologos Folklore Museum – history and tradition

The museum is constructed to represent a traditional theologian home. The building consists of two floors with perfect wood finish to give it the ancient feel and allure. White ceramic tiles are used to as wall finishing. A marvelous staircase ushers visitors to the museum through a strong mahogany door. The floor is well decorated with an assortment of well curated ancient theologian carpets to enhance the look and feel. An open air is found on the middle of the building and its used to demonstrate ancient tools used by the theologian people for farming and fishing.

Theologos Folklore Museum

The main purpose of museum is to gather, preserve, showcase and when necessary interpret artistic artifacts, clothing and sculptures etc. to the public for scientific research and public and institutional education to both adults and children. The museum is ideal for family planning to spend a weekend off, to a young couple wishing to have the best romantic getaway. Although the most common type of visitor are international students wishing to enhance their knowledge on theologian people and culture in respect to the traditional Greek society.

The museum will also suite well private art collectors who are provided with the rare chance to sample various artifacts at their disposal. Institutions are not necessarily required to have previous application to enter the museum instead that can be arranged on the day of visit. Museum guides are plenty on standby ready to help keen visitors learn each and every bit of valuable knowledge presented by this wonderful museum. The museum is open to all people of different social classes regardless of their political affiliations, religious view or citizenship. With very affordable entrance fee the aims to incorporate even the lowest of spenders. The museum has generally received 86% positive review in an online poll conducted by the museum in conjunction with the local government. main area of praise include nice restaurants nearby, competent tour guides and well networked transport system complete with oat and taxi services to ease your travelling in and out of the island.

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Theologos Folklore Museum – location

The folklore museum is located in Thassos Island which is the 12th largest Greek island. Modern geography puts it as part of Macedonia. The museum is surrounded by a mass of crystal blue ocean water that tell of the scenic beauty of the island as well as the rich historical background of the theologian people. Adjacent to the museum is a wide array of sandy beaches with breath taking sunshine ideal for sun bathing, swimming and afternoon sunset view. The museum is located in a strategic place with a good network of both tarmac and gall weather roads. Most visitors stay in the nearby villages with a wide variety of cottages and hotels to choose from.

Earliest occupation in the island is during pre-Neolithic age. However the most dominant inhabitation was during the Bronze Age with most ancient artifacts dated to that period of Aegean Cyclades. Excavations in Skala Sotiros are found in the museum suggest that central villages were cycled by good grade defense walls. The island was later inhabited by Phoenicians but in 650 BC Greek later colonized it. Later occupations of the island was by Darius and his son Xerxes. Later occupations and change of authority happened during Byzantine period and Ottoman Turkish era. All these historical occupations and events are well documented in various manuscripts found in the museum.

Theologos Folklore Museum - inside

The theologian people are well known diverse in professions ranging from, fishing, farming and sheep rearing. The various tools like hoes for farming, traditional spears for fishing and ancient sheep rods are found in abundance at the museum. The bed room exhibition features samples of ancient woven bed covers, woolen bed time clothes and a dedicated cabinet. All these are found in the first floor of these marvelous theologian mansion. Occasionally the Theologos Folklore Museum conducts annual open air museum exhibition where the local communities are encouraged to add their own private collection to the museum to boost object diversity. Recently jewelry and face sculptures are starting to become the main focal point of this historic museum

The main economics activities of historic theologian people is farming, stock keeping and fishing. Modernization has led the theologian people view tourism as an economic source of income and in recent times it has surpassed all other economic activities

The museum is managed by a very hardworking board of trustee. The board of trustee appoint a managing director who in conjunction with the board of trustee formulates the mission and vision statements. Define a weekly and annual visit schedule as well as organize any cultural festival all community service undertaking. The museum is competently run by a couple of individual who have formulated the best policies to ensure public access to all museum areas any day any time. The museum also has a curator who oversees the overall artifact collection, organization and classification. A collections manager who oversees the maintenance of objects in the museum as well as maintaining adequate care for item when in or out of the museum say during an exhibition.
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The very capable public educator creates lectures and public programs that aim in maximizing the knowledge content to pass onto the visitor prioritizing of most important bits of information. Several exhibition designer are employed and tasked with installation duties of new and old objects in the museum. They work hand in hand with curators to modify and enhance the interior design. The museum security is managed by buildings operator who also monitors and checks movement of each object within the museum or in and out of the museum.

Theologos Folklore Museum offers the best intersection of culture, education tradition and festival atmosphere for that perfect holiday travel for you and your loved one. There is so much to experience in this beautiful Greek island museum.

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