Thassos Accommodation

Thassos island offers one of the best accommodation on Greece coast. Greek islands remain among the top tour destinations for people all over the world. The rich scenery and culture draws people to want live the experience. The history of the Greeks is marked with beautiful epics, myths and legends that make this region very surreal and charming.

Thassos is a real jewel amongst the many islands available. It is the ideal place to get soaked in ultimate comfort and relaxation. In terms of area, Thassos is ranked twelfth among the rest of the islands. If you want an authentic Greek island experience, this is the ideal spot for you.

Thassos Accommodation

Thassos is part of Macedonia, geographically speaking, and it is located in the Aegean Sea. It is the farthest island in the northern direction and opposite the Greece mainland. This location is truly authentic and has not been affected by the international modern elements as much as the others. The tradition offered here is pure and surreal. This does not mean that it is devoid of towns. You will find Thassos accommodation and other urban conveniences within its capital. This large town is similarly named and it represents the blend between the ancient cultures and modernization. It is loaded with beautiful attractions especially in the architectural landmarks.

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The Scenery

Thassos Island is the true embodiment of the expectations that the world has when imagining the appearance of the Greece islands. The Aegean Sea offers the clearest blue waters. The beaches are long and beautiful with the softest sand to dig toes into. They are all highly rated for the surreal and amazing view of the striking waters. The Golden Beach is the most popular because of its length. It is located on the eastern side of the island. This is one of the best places to get Thassos accommodation. You will be immersed in the fresh ocean scenery from the waking moment.

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The island is also considered to be the greenest of them all. When you leave the sea shore you will find the most picturesque hills. This is a relaxing location to spend the day. The natural environment is soothing and magnificent to look at. In true Grecian style, there are vineyards planted on the rich soils as well as olive groves. It is refreshing to spend a day looking at the wealth of Mother Nature.

The Villages

You will not have known the true beauty of the island if you have not explores the traditional villages. While the history may have caused destruction of a lot of the original buildings, there is much to be seen. The ultimate tourist destination in the village is the Kazaviti. It is considered a very cultural setting. It is set on a hill slope. Most of what remains is ruined but you can enjoy a warm meal at a tavern or take a hot beverage. It is still a very natural place with birds and serene environment. Kastro is another village that offers a true Greek experience. It is centrally located and has been restored after a period of abandonment. To feel the true joy of this village, you should visit during the commemorative feast of Athanasios.

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Theologos is the most active settlement compared to others on the mountainside in the current day. While a lot of the villages have been abandoned, this one still has its residents thriving. Rachoni is rich in spiritual culture. It is the home to many monasteries and when visiting the locale, you can view the famous church of the so-called Assumption. You may also find time to enjoy the agricultural products from the land. This is a village well-known for its olive oil. There is also confectionary made from local honey and walnuts.

History and Landmarks

The history of Thassos is very ancient and it has been proven to have been inhabited in the Paleolithic era. There is archeological evidence that has been traced back to the earlier years of man. There are many landmarks that have risen as a result of the exciting background. Alyki is one of the oldest ruins. It is said that this was formerly a settlement ruled over by a Queen named Aliki. The buildings were destroyed in some unfortunate event but you can still evidence in the remains.

Thassos Accommodation

When looking for Thassos accommodation, ensure that you will be able to access the Ancient Theatre. Hippocrates determined that it was built in the earlier BC centuries. Part of it was dedicated to the Greek god Dionysus. There were various performances presented in this building in the earlier years. Besides music and theatre, there were gladiator combats that took place there as well as “hunts”. There is also the strategic Acropolis to view. However, the place that is associated with most myths of Greek deity is the Ancient city. The 1911 excavation revealed a lot of beautiful structures and a chance to speculate on what really happened before the modern eras.

Guide to Visiting Thassos

The most amazing features to be viewed while visiting Thassos will vary according to personal preference. Whether you like the beach, cultural villages or ancient architecture, there is something to be enjoyed. The Ancient Agora is considered universally pleasing to tourists of the island. If you do visit Thassos, create ample time so that you will see everything there is. There are various Thassos accommodation spots available throughout the region. Do your research diligently to make certain that you are getting the best of the facilities available.

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As a honeymoon spot, this is a first-rate destination that blends in the best of the sea and nature. If you are planning a holiday for the family, everyone is guaranteed to find at least one interest and attraction. It is also the best place to go on a personal getaway and it will serve as an amazing stress reliever. During the holidays, make your Thassos accommodation and flight plans early to avoid missing out on the best experience. There are good travel guides with sightseeing schedules organized for optimum use of holiday time. You can also make your own arrangements if you find such a plan more ideal. Either way, a visit to the Island of Thassos shall transform your whole attitude concerning human existence.

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