Santorini si one of the most famous Greek island holiday destinations. It is part of the Cyclades island group. It is probably the most beautiful island in whole Greece and it owes its strange look to the volcanic eruption that struck this island in the Ancient times.

Now the slopes of volcanic rocks that dive directly in the crystal clear Aegeyan Sea water and the rows of white houses that are overlooking the bay are some of the most famous and picturesque views in the whole Mediteranean. In addition to the fantastic views this island also comes with several great beaches and seaside towns which are the great places to introduce yourself with nice and colorful culture of island Greece.

Santorini  beach

Santorini – Towns & Best places to visit

There are two main towns that provide the perfect sunset views on this island. Fira is the biggest town on the island and it is located next to a high cliff that is overlooking the sea. From this point you can view the familiar sunset scenario for which this island is famous for. Another great place to see the same landscape is the famous Ois, which is the most photographed town on the island and you can find it in many postcards and tourist brochures.

It provides its visitors with an unforgettable view of rows of white houses, churches and windmills that are placed on the slopes of the island’s steep cliffs and in the evening when the sunset comes, these houses all receive orange color which makes this view really unforgettable.

In addition to stunning sunsets this island also gives you the opportunity to research more about its strange geological history. It has a lot of caves and people often decide to build their houses or barns in them. In the heart of the island you can see a traditional Greek country side that seems untouched and unchanged by the thousands of tourists that visit this island every year. In addition to this you can also go to smaller boat excursions to Thirassia, smaller and more traditional island near Santorini, Palia Kameni hot springs, Ammoudi Bay etc.

Santorini – bet beaches

Black beach

This island also has some of the best beaches in whole Greece. The most famous and the biggest beach on the island is the Black Beach. Red Beach is another very popular beach that is located outside Fira and you will need shuttle bus or car to get there. There you can rent an umbrella and enjoy crystal clear waters and unbelievably beautiful sunset.

White beach

White Beach is one of the most secluded ones on the island, you can visit it only by renting a boat or making a small cruise with some of the more popular local cruise companies. This island also offers some good nude beaches like Vlychlada for example and it has more then dozen more sandy and rock beaches all around this and nearby islands.

You can arrive to Santorini with a plane, which has been the most preferable way of transport or with a ferry from other Greek islands or some of the bigger cities like Athens or Thessaloniki.