About Thassos and Golden beach – more details

Thassos is a Greek island. It is also known as Thasos. It is in the Northern Aegean Sea. It is near to the coast of Thrace and is adjacent to the plain of the river Nestos. However, Thassos is geographically a portion of Macedonia. Thassos is the only Greek island which is situated in the most northern area. In terms of area, this Thassos is 12th largest Greek island. But, one of the best beaches is Golden Beach.

Administration and Geography

In the East Macedonia and Thrace region, Thasos acts as a separate regional unit. It is the only municipality of the region. At first, Thassos was a part of Kavala Prefecture. But, in 2011, the Kallikratis government was reformed, and one of its reformations was that the regional unit of Thasos was separated from Kavala Prefecture. Therefore, in 2011, Thassos got its noticeable appearance in terms of its own administration. Thassos includes some uninhabited islands which are beside it.


The island of Thasos is situated in the northern Aegean Sea. It is about 7 km away from the northern mainland and is 20 km away from south-east of Kavala Prefecture. In general, the island has a shape of circle and it does not have any significant capes or deep bays. The land of the island is mountainous but it is not specifically rocky.

The land seems to rise slowly and gradually from the coast to the center. The peak point of Thassos is known as Ypsario. It is located to the east of the center. This point is 1,205 meters high as compared to the coast. The eastern slopes of the island are covered by the pine forest.


Previously, the island’s population was mainly engaged in agriculture and stockbreeding and that’s was the only way of earning income at that time. People of the island established villages inside the territory of Thassos and connected some of them via stairways from the harbors to the shore.

With the passage of time, the local population shifted towards the shore because the trend of tourism began to develop over there. As this was becoming an easy and profitable source of income, many local people migrated to seashore. Therefore, one can see several paired villages like Marion–Skala Maries on the coast.

Thassos - island

Economy and Communities:

So far, tourism is the only economic activity which has brought wealth to the island of Thassos. Next to tourism are the agricultural products which are helping the economy to sustain and to grow. The major agricultural products in Thassos are honey, olives, almonds and olive oil. Moreover, the production of wine, the herding of sheep and goat and fishing are other economic activities practiced at Thassos. Furthermore, there are some more industries which are running in Thassos. They are lumber and mining industries which include lead, marble, and zinc.

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There are more than eighteen communities established in the island of Thassos. The names of the towns which have more than hundred inhabitants are Agios Georgios, Astris, Kallirachi, Kinyra, Limenaria, Limenas Thasou, Maries, Ormos Prinou, Panagia, Potamia, Potos, Prinos, Rachoni, Skala Kallirachis, Skala Marion, Skala Rachoniou, Sotiras, and Theologos.

Population Census

According to the census, in the year 1981, there were 2,312 towns in Thassos. In the next census which was done in the year 1991, the number of towns increased and reached the figure of 2,600. In 2001 census, the numbers of towns give a rise to 3,140 and the figure of municipality was gathered at 13,765. In the latest census 2011, the numbers of towns were increased to 3,240 and the numbers of municipalities was noted as 13,770.

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Beaches of Thassos

There are ten remarkable beaches in the island of Thassos. They are briefly described one by one:

Skala Potamia and Golden Beach: It is one of the most dirt free beaches on the island. It has a couple of eye attractions. It includes a camping site, bars, large number of restaurants and nightclubs.

Glyadi: This beautiful beach has golden sand and a shallow sea.

Giola: This beach has a natural swimming pool with crystal clear pure turquoise waters. It is located in Astris village. It is a few kilometers away from Limenaria and Potos. In general, it is on the south side of the Thassos island.

Metalia Beach Thassos: It is a fine sandy beach which is ideal for children. It lies 39 km away from Limenas.

Paradise: Paradise Beach is about 23 km away from Thassos town. It has beautiful sights.

Pachis: This beach has clear water and there are a lot of visitors on it every time.

Rachoni: It is a long beach which is covered with a pine forest.

Skala Prinos: This beach is full of pines, which are lying at a several kilometers in length. This beautiful beach is perfect for swimming. It is clean and comprises of sand. In the year 2004, this beach got an honor of a Blue Flag beach.

Saliara: This beach has an extra ordinary feature and that is white sand. It is also called as Marble beach.

Glykadi Beach Thassos: This sandy beach has about 150 meters of blue water which offers relaxation in a natural and luxurious environment. Its infrastructure is only composed of umbrellas, sun beds and a beach bar.


Golden Beach – The Most Beautiful Beach

Golden Beach is a cool resort in the island of Thassos. It is huge with the pine-clad hills making the picture more beautiful. There are a number of bars which make your holidays freshen. The Golden beach is comprised of golden sands. It is a two times Blue Flag winner. The nights at Golden beach are quiet enjoyable. There are great places to view the sunset. There is also an opportunity for the people to visit the Thassos Town (the capital of Thassos) which is twenty minutes away from Golden Beach.

The main attraction in the Thassos town is the 5th-century BC Amphitheater which is up on the hill. There are also Archaeological Museum and ruins of Greek temples to visit in Thassos town (Limenas). The Golden Beach is well organized with the facilities. It is easy to find taverns, bars, shops and water sports for youth groups and families.

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