Theologos – the oldest village of Thassos

Thassos has an estimated area of three hundred and ninety square kilometer with a population of around thirteen thousand people. Theologos is the oldest town in Thassos. The people of this village also refer it as the word of God. It has a long and interesting history which attracts both domestic and international tourists.

This is because it is naturally beautiful because of its surroundings which are very wonderful. Also its location it is very unique therefore people find the village very attractive. There are other reasons which, you as a tourist can find interesting about thassos and these include the ones named below.

At the entrance to the Angora, that is the market place, you find the archaeological Museum of Thassos with its many and wonderful exhibit as it underwent renovation in the year 2010. These exhibits include the marble head of dionyos, several statues of muse and Aphrodite, statue of a young man carrying a ram and also the existence architectural bits used by the Romans also pottery collections used in the fourth century BC.

Theologos – the old street

At the south east coast of Thassos there exist the Alyki ruins. You can also notice that there were settlements long before and that is the fourth century BC. There exists an unfinished quarry which suggests that the place was abandoned after occurrence of an earthquake. They are the remains of a temple and alter and also that Christians built churches. This suggests that there were people who used to live here.

Theologos – location and history

The Theologos village itself attracts tourists because it is an approximately a ten kilometer valley road to Theologos. Theologos village is made up of old houses and several cafes under a tree but the brochures describe Theologos as a place unblemished by tourism activities. This town is the most remote one in Thassos as at around the 19th century, it deserted by its inhabitants’. There also exists a small museum of folklore in the middle of the village. There also exists a lot of agricultural machinery in the ground level while at the upper floor there are walls hung with textiles and one room which has a loom in it.

In Acropolis there is a theater hall which can hold up to three thousand spectators seated on tiered stone seats. It was initially used by the Greeks to hold gladiatorial contests. There are stone slabs around and this suggests that they were for protection from animals. Some of these seats are named in curves to indicate that they were reserved for the rich people in the Roman families. The theatre is also used today for musical performances.

Theologos – 4

Over a sheer cliff drop, there is the Archangelos monastery. It lies above a narrow bay with a small and attractive shingle beach. The beach lacks facilities and the road to it is a bad condition. There are also around twenty nuns as evidenced by the two chapels that are St Ephraim of Syros and St Gerasimos of kelafonia. The surprise of the monastery is that, the outer sides are more impressive than the inside. It contains several religious artifacts for example a nail which is said to be got from the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Tourists also enjoy the traditional food of Thassos which include; peppered cabbage which is the main winter dish consisting of local pickled cabbage combined with white beans flavored with peppery spices, the spicy flavors are combined with red wine ant served throughout the winter to the tourists; Tatarka which consists of zucchini, zucchini flowers, fresh chilies and peppers, local herbs and the local greens making to have a glorious appearance ; There is the kolois which is a very local way of cooking fish and especially the mackerel. The fish is smoked, salted and then baked making it very delicious. The above example food traditional food is highly liked by the tourists as it is of high quality.

Most of the tourist enjoy a lot when they eat with the local people at their homes as they are highly interested in these traditional dishes. You can make this possible by befriending most of the locals and they will be very happy to share their tradition with you.

There is a thick pine forest covering the mountainous coast of Thassos before landing in the north east beach and the mountainous villages which attract visitors and also allowing favorite places to organize parties during vacations. These villages are Panagia and Potamia.

Theologos – the old house

There are plenty of accommodation hotels and apartments found all over Thassos which offer plenty of food for the tourists. Good examples of the accommodation hotels are the Limenaria and the Skala Potamis. There exist courses of cookery, a child pool and a miniature zoo. There exists a luxurious beachside hotel which has complex facilities like shops, a gym, an outdoor pool, a children’s program and all types of recreation activities.

In Thassos, there are plenty of transport systems which enable tourists to travel around the beautiful places for adventure. You can hire a taxi and be taken to your places of interest. There are also ferries which transport tourists from one port to the other as they enjoy these beautiful places. There are also flights available for those willing to travel faster to their destinations for adventure.

There is a traditional olive oil factory which attracts daily tours when people come to see how olive is produced and also customers who come to purchase olive oil in large amount and these are the distributors. You will also get plenty of water with a good mineral content and that is safe for drinking.

Theologos – the oldest village of Thassos - restaurant

Among the Greek holiday islands, Thassos is mostly visited due to its cooler climate than other islands and this is especially during the night. It is also favored due to its shelter from prevailing winds hence making it cool and humid.

It is very enjoyable to spend your holiday in Thassos due to it favorable nature to attract tourists. Once you are in Greece, you can either take a flight or board a bus or a taxi to Thassos to enjoy your holiday, have your wedding or even for recreation purposes. You will get to see the famous Theologos village in reality and enjoy its features.