Limenas – Capital City and The Port

Limenas – old town and the main port on island. An island with exuberant greenery, clean beaches and crystal blue water, Thassos in Greece is the most northern island of the Aegean Sea.

Here you can plunge yourself in a heart-stirring natural environment and become adept in a laid-back culture that fervently welcomes every visitor.

Limenas – Landmarks and Places to visit

With variety and beauty of its scenery, its plethora of unique antiquities, picturesque mountainous villages and comfortable accommodation, Thassos is the denouement of most visitors jaundiced ideas of what a Greek island is all about. A place of phenomenal natural beauty with a rich flora and fauna, this island is a must visit.
Thassos - Limenas top view 2
Ideal for tranquillizing and family holiday, the island has breathtaking beaches, either well organized or completely isolated. They are dotted with a wide array of deep and large beaches with numerous facilities to idyllic, small hideaway bayous. Thassos – Limenas, the capital of the island and also known as “Thassos Town”, is a mountainous village that offers a wide array of activities and attractions and much more than can be undertaken in one holiday.
Thassos - Limenas seaside
It is surrounded by dense pine green mountains and the landscape is perfect for trekking with paths leading to caves, castle ruins and forsaken places. It has kiosks, shops, street vendors and stalls, supplying all the needs of the visitors. The restaurants, coffee shops and bars cater to every taste and pocket. The village also boasts some captivating harbours for those who love strolling around and admiring natural beauty.
Thassos - Limenas puerto
Amazingly wealthy in the ancient times, the island has a beautiful coast road that provides access to most of the sandy beaches that pep up the attractive coastline. The most interesting and unique sightseeing to visit in your holiday is the Ancient Agora. Apart from this the Monastery of Archangel Michael offers awe inspiring view to the Aegean Sea.

So treat yourself to a purely divine and memorable holiday in Greece. Go Thassos!

The nightlife in Limenas

There is nothing more amazing than the night life in Limenas capital city of Thassos. A city that is vibrant and full of energy located on a small island, with its name simply meaning “the port”. The intense night life can be evidenced with the throngs of people that are in the streets, cafes, night clubs, and even in the pubs too.


The town receives a large number of visitors, who are seen strolling along the streets as they buy souvenir in the daytime to the wee hours in the night. So, if you need a nice bar then Vertigo is the most perfect place for you, it has a younger crowd and some nice music playing on the background.

On top of that, if you don’t prefer the young and noisy young crowd then you can head to other bars such as the Brazil Bar, the Tavernas, and even Spiros bar. Here you will find a mature crowd as you are served with some vintage drinks.


It is even much fun staring at the starlight sky, or you can even go to the hotels that are located by the beachfront where you can enjoy a nice drink while enjoying a nice cool breeze. Such a bar includes the Karnaggio that is located at the Old Boatyard that is right by the sea. Also, important is the fact that you don’t have to worry about your safety as there are a number of security officers patrolling around the streets to ensure the safety of the visitors.


So, go ahead and take a tour around Limenas city at night, and enjoy the amazing skyline as you hop from one night club to another while you quench your thirst and dance. At the same time enjoying the ambience created by the lights from the towering buildings.

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